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Looking for a way to rest your brain between studying for tests and writing papers? You’ve come to the right place.  

Ocean WebCams:

Ocean Health Index

“The Index is a comprehensive new measure that scores ocean health from 0 – 100. It defines a health ocean as one that sustainably delivers a range of benefits to people both now and in the future.”  The OHI is an ongoing assessment of the oceans, and uses 10 Goals (ex. Food provision, Carbon storage, Biodiversity, etc.) to assess the health of the ocean for all coastal countries to get a global picture. The current global score is 60/100, with the top score belonging to Jarvis Island (86/100), and the lowest score going to Sierra Leone (36/100). Canada is currently ranked in 9th place with a score of 70.

The OHI contains a vast amount of information and many different ways of filtering/viewing their results.

xkcd: Desert Island

Desert Island

Perpetual Ocean

TEDx Vancouver – Dr. Kate Moran – Connecting our Planet’s Oceans…. To the Internet

Deep Sea Highlights from Ocean Networks Canada 

Race Againist the Tide

Octopus walks on land!

Luminescence – a celebration of aquatic life
TEDx Victoria – Flexing your Mussels: Shellfish as Powerful Ecosystem Indicators

The Gardens of the Queen /w Anderson Cooper
Whale Inspired Stories of Invention

Pistol Shrimp!

BBC’s David Attenborough explains a phenomenon called the “Brinicle”

“Brinicle” ice finger of death

TEDtalks Edith Widder – The weird and wonderful world of bioluminescence 

Disney’s Oceans

National Geographic Oceans

Sylvia Earle’s TED talk “Wish to protect our oceans”:


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