October Meeting Update – More training and more fun!

The OSS October installment of the monthly meetings was held this past Monday October 22nd. This meeting sparked a lot of discussion about making the group and the experiences that the group offers to its members more meaningful and valuable. We also talked about having more fun (and more club bonding) time. We then talked about the club collecting and archiving its own data, either from beach clean ups, from organized mass egg counts (possibly organized with the SCUBA) or from other field opportunities that may arise for the club. I think it would be great that as a result of being a member the OSS, you could say that you had the opportunity to gain field and data experience, hopefully making you more prepared for the world outside academia. Don’t you?

As a result of our discussion a couple of training opportunities have been set for the near future. There will be an all day field training session on November 24th with Ramona De Graaf from the Forage Fish Matter Initiative (stay tuned for details). There was also a suggestion to run another “Communicating Ocean Science” workshop, so we will work on that for you.

There has also been a proposed change to the monthly meeting schedule. We are thinking of having two meetings per month now; with one of the meetings being fun/club bonding/social time and the other one being more about business. Thoughts? I hope to schedule both of these November meetings soon, so again stay tuned.

If you have any suggestions or feedback about this meeting, please shoot me an email at ossoc@uvic.ca  Also, please send me an email if you are interested in helping the club with the data collection and archiving initiative.

Looking forward to the November meeting(s)!


ps. Many Thanks to Kim for having us all over at her house! You make a mean salad. And to Katie for making a mean nacho dip.


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