This is just a brief update as work has been a little tedious lately, it has mostly involved sifting through websites looking for meteorology stations around the Caribbean. But last week I finally had enough stations identified to make posting a map of them worthwhile – that and my boss wanted something posted online to show that IOCARIBE-GOOS is active and working towards something. So I used Google’s Spreadsheet Mapper to map out all the stations I’ve located so far, and attached the types of data collected at each.

A focus with GOOS regional alliances right now is to have coastal sea surface temperature data available. Unfortunately there are not too many stations in the Caribbean that are currently collecting this data – though part of the work I am doing is identifying this gap.

The map can be seen here on IOCARIBE’s website if you are interested. It is still a work in progress, ultimately it will have current readings for all the variables at each station. For the time being, it merely notes which variables are being recorded and where the stations are.

Mostly I have been building on the list of stations, so not a whole lot else to report from here for now… There is word of another conference that I may get to attend, but that won’t be until December, which is about all I know about it right now.


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