It’s more than just a wave

Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in a discussion on Tsunamis presented by the ocean student society guest speaker- Dr. Brian Bornhold.

The presentation was more than informative and interesting, it was downright fascinating. Not only did I leave the presentation feeling like I was now a Tsunami expert, I never once felt out of place or lost. I didn’t need to be a 4th year ocean sciences student -and I’m not- to understand the power and impact of tsunamis. Dr. Bornholds presentation was deeply engaging and was about more than just an oversized wave. Tsunamis can be used to tell us quite a bit about our ocean, our planet and even our history.  Dr. Bornhold explored a number of fascinating topics such as why tsunamis are so powerful, how we measure and predict them today, and how we can use tsunamis as a historical diagnostic tool. For instance, Dr. Bornhold was able to use the geology of a tsunami area to substantiate and date a local Frist Nations story. Further, he can use his data and research to better protect people today. Although I used to think of Tsunamis as being a symptom of an earthquake, I’ve learned that they offer a fantastic look at the ocean and our planet regardless if you’re a physicist, geologist, marine biologist, historian or just an ocean enthusiast.

Something for everyone

The other really inspiring thing about Dr. Bornholds presentation was his advice and knowledge about different careers and paths.  Dr. Bornhold gave us helpful advice and anecdotes on how to expand our own personal networks, reminding us that the path to the perfect career is not necessarily a straight one. Dr. Bornhold started his career as a geologist and teacher, not an oceanographer.   He advised us to allow our interests and disciplines and to expand into many different areas and to look beyond the standard careers of our disciplines.  Dr. Bornhold further encouraged us to explore our respective passions through the lens of oceanography, because, as he proves, it really does offer something for everyone.

Come on out

You know when you find a really great book or move and you just have to share? Well, Ocean Student society lectures are on my list of things I just have to share. Please come on out, you’ll be sorry if you miss the next one!

The next discussion will be on October 23rd, 2:30pm-3:30pm in the UVic Grad House with our invited speaker Romney McPhie, Shark Biologist who works at the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo.

We were also thinking that we want to make sure that OSS’ers are getting the chance to really network with the speakers so we have added a couple of exciting aspects to the discussion series:

1) Everyone who emails by Monday Oct. 22nd to confirm their attendance will be given personal business cards, which, like the real world, allow you to network more effectively (we will be using them during the discussion).  

2) Bring 2 questions for our speaker so we can rack their brain during the hour we have with them.

-OSS Member


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