New Contributor! Meet Luba Reshitnyk

Stop! Look! Ocean!

Cheese. It’s delicious and the Salt Spring Island variety has to be my all around favourite (the white truffle kind, try it when you get the chance).  But now that summer is over and school has started I’ll have less time to spend eating said cheese at Willow’s Beach or by any of my several favourite seaside, cheese-eating locations.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the summer passes by but even with field work and grad school occupying most of my summer hours these past few months.  I have,  nevertheless, managed to get the most out my summer with eating cheese, chasing tadpoles and having many other west coast adventures.

At this point you may have stumbled across this blog entry and maybe only read the first paragraph and weren’t convinced that you want to read anything by a girl who loves cheese that much. Fair enough.  But given that I’m still writing and you may still be reading I’ll continue.

This semester I, Luba Reshitnyk, an avid ocean-lover, researcher and overall curious person, will be your Ocean Student Society (OSS) blogger. I’ll be writing to you about many things ocean-related. News topics in the media, the amazing biology behind mantis shrimp eyes, life as a grad student and regular ocean-themed musical recommendations. Oh yes, and many of the awesome things that your fellow OSSers are up to and have planned over the next year. Hailing from the Marine Protected Areas Research Group (MPARG) in the Department of Geography I’ll do my darndest to provide interesting and thought-provoking commentary on anything and everything ocean-related and will be open to suggestions, feedback and offers to play Frisbee in the main quad. You can find me there most sunny lunchtimes anyways.

This week’s entry is a short one but tune in next week to hear about how you shouldn’t get stuck in the mud on a beach with a bear (you know you’ll want to read this).

Until next time – go and enjoy the ocean!



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